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Toyosu Fish MarketSeptember 30, 2019

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BURI – Japanese Yellowtail

The appearance of these Buri let you know of the coming season. These are not as fatty as the winter Buri, but they have an elegant taste and a firm body.
鰤の始まりを知らせてくれる天上鰤です。 寒ブリより脂は多くなく上品な脂身で、身がしっかりしているのが特徴です。

SAWARA – Japanese Spanish Mackerel

The Obako Sawara season is now. They are ikijime on the ship when caught, so they stay fresh. They are very fatty and great for sashimi and grazing.
オバコ鰆は秋口に最盛期を迎えます。船の上で行う活〆により、鮮度はばっちりです。 油がしっかり入っており、刺身や表面をあぶってもおいしいです。

KAWAHAGI – Threadsail Filefish

Filefish season has started. Their guts are getting fatty, and this makes them especially delicious.

SANMMA – Pacific Saury

Autumn season’s saury. The saury this time around is very fatty and tasty. It is recommended for sashimi, salmon, and grilled style.
秋の味覚サンマです。 この時期のサンマが脂の乗りもよく、おいしいです。 刺身、鮨、焼き魚におすすめです。

AMADAI – Horsehead Tilefish

The skin has umami, and when grilled they emit a sweet scent and are very delicious. Applying salt facilitates the removal of the extra water from the meat and enhance the umami as well.
皮にうまみがあり、あぶると甘い香りがし、とてもおいしいです。身に塩を軽く振ると余計な水分 が抜けおいしいです。

MEHIKARI – Bigeyed Greeneye

The fat is packed inside its small body. This type of fish is typically used in a tempura menu, but if fresh, they can also be eaten as sashimi.
小さい身の中に脂が混在しています。 唐揚げで食べるのが、定番ですが、鮮度の良いものは、刺身で食べると身がトロっとしており、とてもおいしいです。

KOMOCHI AYU – Ayu With Baby

Autumn season Ayu has eggs inside of it. They add a nice texture. Autumn ayu has unique scent, which distinguishes it from summer ayu.
秋口のアユはお腹に卵を抱えており、焼き魚にすると食感がプチプチとしておいしいです。 鮎の香りもあり、夏のアユとは一味違います。


This is a bonito that has accumulated fat for the spawning season. They will have better fat and texture than the first season bonito. It is sweet and perfect for sushi and sashimi.
産卵のためにたくさん脂肪を蓄えたカツオです。 初ガツオより脂が多くトロっとした食感、味になります。甘みが強く寿司ネタにピッタリです。

TENNEI MADAI – Wild Red Seabream

They are caught all year round, but this season is when they’re at their best. The beautiful white flesh is firm and packed with umami flavor.

JIKINMEDAI – Splendid Alfonsino

The alphonsoʼs peak season is coming. They will soon be very fatty, and feature an optimally firm texture. They beautifully lend themselves for all cooking methods.
これから金目鯛の最盛期が始まります。 程よく脂が入り、食感もよくおいしいです。癖がないのでいろいろな調理方法に合います。

AKIJAKE – Autumn Salmon

This season’s salmon has a well-balanced fat to body ratio, superior to that which is typically found in summer. They contain milt or row.
夏頃取れるものよりも、身と脂のバランスが良く、鮭独特の香りがあり、おいしいです。 オスは白子、メスは筋子があり、どちらも絶品です。焼き物、汁物に向いています。

IWASHI – Sardine

Their fat is packed between the skin and body. They are an all-purpose fish and can be used for many dishes.
皮周辺に脂が入っており、おいしいです。 料理問わずおいしい万能な魚です。

WATARIGANI – Gazami Crab

This season’s gazami crab is packed with meat. The crab umami is packed inside and is very exquisite.

HIRASUZUKI – Blackfin Seabass

These species have a very beautiful white flesh. The umami flavor released from this taste is richly enjoyable. They’re great for sashimi and can be used for many other recipes as well.
白くてきれいな身をした魚です。 淡白な中にうまみがあります。刺身でもおいしいですが、調理法問わず使えます。

KUROMUTSU – Lined Japonese Bluefish

This season’s bluefish has great fat, with a distinctively sweet taste. It is great for sashimi, but stew is recommended.
シーズンの黑ムツは脂がしっかり入っており、油の甘さが際立ちます。刺身にしてもおいしいです が、煮つけがおすすめです。

AKAYAGARA – Smooth Flutemouth

Its skin and bones are great for making broth. It is a perfect fish for making stew or soup. They have an elegant sweet flavor and are delicious.
皮や骨から良い出汁が出るため、鍋や汁物に向いている魚です。 刺身にしても上品な甘さがあり、おいしいです。

HAKKAKU – Sailfin Poacher

These fish have a beautiful white flesh, which is sweet and fatty. It is especially appetizing to eat as sashimi.

HAGATSUO – Striped Bonito

This is the best season for striped bonito. These bonitos are perfectly fatty and firm structures. We will send them to you fresh.
ハガツオの最盛期です。程よく脂がのっており、おいしいです。 鮮度ばっちりでお届けします。

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