March Special
Toyosu Fish MarketFebruary 27, 2019

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HIRAMASA – Yellowtail Amberjack

The least fatty of all the yellowtail family, it is a refreshing fish with a flavor unto itself. Firm in texture with plenty of umami, it is excellent when served as sashimi.

BOILED HOTARUIKA – Boiled Firefly Squid

Fishing season is about to open in the Gulf of Toyama. While the firefly squid from this bay are getting larger, we suggest sticking to those from Hyogo for the time being since the prices for the new catch are still high. If you would prefer those from Toyama, please indicate “Prefer those from Toyama” when placing your order.

RAW HOTARUIKA – Raw Firefly Squid

Similar to those boiled, these come in a 21-count package of new, raw squid. As with the boiled squid, their prices fluctuate during this time until they start to come down around the end of March. They are popular in French and Italian cuisine and known for their compatibility with pasta.

SHIROUO – Ice Goby

These are not to be mistaken for icefish. Shipments have yet to stabilize despite these being a quintessential fish of spring. However, they are exclusively available during this season. We will ship them to you live.

TAI-SHIRAKO – Red Seabream Milt

As with last year, seabream milt has begun to arrive just around the Girl’s Day festival. Red seabream are said to be in their spawning season so we have set the prices a bit high as a precaution. Sold individually in 500 g packages.

TAI-MAKO – Red Seabream Row

As with the milt, the season for seabream roe is upon us. Freshness is guaranteed as we only ship those extracted from live fish. These are also sold individually in 500 g packages.

MADAI – Wild Sea Bream

We will deliver select seabream to you by air upon receiving our catch. They are a main product of spring, however the meat itself is losing popularity due to customers’ interests focusing inevitably on milt and roe. When we receive boxed items, we will ship you the best ones at reasonable prices.

SAKURAMASU – Cherry Salmon

The catch of cherry salmon has stabilized, and we now carry those from Nemuro, Hakodate, and Aomori. Among those, we especially recommend the itamasu which are the larger salmon among the cherry variety and have ample marbling due to their plumpness. Their price does get higher, but if you prefer this type, please specify such when placing your order.
サクラマスの漁獲が安定しており、根室、函館、青森などから良質なものが入荷しています。その中でも、板マスがお勧めです。 通常より体高のある肥満したタイプで身にとても脂がのっています。価格はさらに高いですが、ご希望の方はオーダーの際に板ますとご指定してください。

MASUNOSUKE – King Salmon

Caught on fixed shore nets of near-by seas, stocks are still unstable, however we flash freeze them and ship them when we do receive stock. Undoubtedly, they are the king of salmon.

HATSUGATSUO –Early Season Bonito

We expect the early catch to come in around the end of March. Bonito start to swim northwards towards Japanese waters from the coast of the Philippines on the black (Japan) current every Spring. Bonito caught during this period is called “early bonito.”

KINMEDAI – Alfonsino

Although prices seem high due to continuous stormy weather and small catches, we anticipate stable catches from here on out.

ISHIDAI – Striped Beakfish

Among our top recommendations for white fish during this season, our large striped beakfish, upwards of 1 kg, are especially sweet thanks to their well-marbled flesh, and are exceptional when used as a topping for sushi. Boiling slices of the meat in a thin sea water soup, along with sweet-boiling or grilling are delicious ways to enjoy this fish.

MEDAI – Bluenose

This is the height of the line-caught Tsushima butterfish season. The high-quality fatty meat is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

MENUKE – Ocean Perch

Line-caught, we will deliver well-marbled perch directly from Nemuro, where they are caught. Please place advanced orders for this item.

HOUBOU – Sea Robin

We are currently also receiving live, nerve extracted sea robins. They are on the larger side in size, measuring at 1 kg, ensuring a plentiful meal. Please try this fish as your main white meat fish through the Spring.


The fat on skilfish is a triglyceride, which is a type of unsaturated oleic acid, similar to those found in good-quality plant-based oils. Skilfish are different from escolar or oilfish varieties. We expect this to be a popular fish in America.

RENKODAI – Yellowback Seabream

March and April are especially popular months for seabream. Although orders focus on young seabream, the yellowback seabream’s skin is soft and flavorful during this season as well. The orange color of the yellowback is especially vibrant amongthose caught in the Suruga bay.

SUMI-IKA – Golden Cuttlefish

It is the season for delicious golden cuttlefish that have matured and exude a sweet taste. Why not try squid ink pasta since squid ink is said to prevent cancer?

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