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Toyosu Fish MarketJuly 29, 2019

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SHINKO – Gizzard Shad

The shinko season has arrived. Although the prices are currently high, they will go down very soon. This is the item of the season.
シンコの季節になりました。まだ価格は高いですが、徐々に落ち着いてきます。 季節ものですので、オーダーお待ちしています。

SAMEGAWAKAREI – Roughscale Sole

The guts are removed to maintain their fresh state. The abundant fat and the fin inside are delicious. They are cheaper than most flatfish.

TACHIUO– Beltfish

Tachiuo is now in season, as it contains the most fat during this time of year. They’re perfect for sushi and grilled dishes.
年間通じて今の時期の太刀魚は脂が一番乗っています。 鮨や焼き物にピッタリです。

MATSUKAWAKAREI – Barfin Flounder

Great texture, rich in umami, and delicious. The engawa (edges of the fish) and liver are the delicious parts of this fish. It’s perfect for sushi. 食感が良く、非常にうま味があります。エンガワや、肝も非常においしいです。 寿司ネタにピッタリです。

OKOZE – Devil Stinger

This is the most popular fish of the season. Its great texture makes it a great addition for a sashimi boat; perfect for cooling this hot season. It may also be paired with citrus and spices. 夏を代表する魚です。 食感が良く、薄造りにすると見た目にも涼やかで夏にピッタリの食材です。柑橘系の薬味と もとても合います。

HANASAKIGANI – Boiled Hanasaki Gani

The hanasaki crab season started in July. The crab is prepared as the order is made at the source. Feel free to give it a try and enjoy the flavor of this condensed crab.

SHINIKA – Baby Cuttlefish

The shinika season has begun. They are still small, but they are starting to grow. They will be ready for shipment by mid-August.
新イカの季節になりました。まだとても小さいサイズですが、そろそろ始まります。 お盆開け頃から本格的な出荷の時期になります。

SUZUKI – Japanese Sea Bass

The season of the suzuki is here. This season is the only time to enjoy its clear white flesh with a great texture.

AODAI– Blue Fusilier

The aodai have a beautiful white flesh. The flavor is packed between the skin and the body, therefore its best enjoyed when cooked with its skin on. This fish also creates for a great stock; it is perfect for miso soup.
白身が美しい魚です。皮と身の間にうまみが詰まっているので、皮を生かした調理法が向い ています。アラからもいい出汁がでるので、みそ汁なども絶品です。

UMEIRO – Yellowtail Blue Snapper

The surface of this fish is characterized by its colored tail. It contains a moderate amount of fat and has an elegant flavor.
魚体の表面が梅の色をしてる尾が特徴です。 適度に脂があり、身に上品なうまみがあります。

ENSUI UNI – No Additive Sea Urchin

This is the peak season for the ensui uni. It has a moderate texture and is extremely fatty. It’s wonderful served as sushi and sashimi.
時期的に非常に良いです。 ミョウバンを使っていないフレッシュな味が楽しめます。今の時期にぜひオーダーお願いします。

MANAGATSUO – Silver Pomfret

As you may know, this is one of the most beloved dishes of Edomae sushi. Do not miss out on this season. We look forward to your order.

KOCHI – Bartail Flathead

This is the summer-representing white flesh fish. It has a great texture and moderate sweetness. It tastes excellent with sudachi and lemon.
夏の代表的な白身魚です。食感が良く、適度に甘みがあります。スダチやレモンなどともとても 相性が良い魚です。

KUROMUTSU – Japanese Bluefish

The word “Mutsu” is added because it is fatty like akamutsu. The fat is deep inside the flesh, making it great for sushi and sashimi.
アカムツ同様脂が多いことからムツといわれています。 ⽩⾝の中に⾝にしっかりと脂がありとても美味しい⿂。煮つけが絶品ですが、鮨や刺⾝も美味しく ⼤変お勧めです。

KATSU SHOKKO – Amberjack

Katsu shokko is a fish that is on par with the wild kanpachi. The box is arriving from the Kyushu region, and they are iced, which ensures that they remain fresh. The summer season is all about Amberjack!
天然カンパチに味も旨味も引けを取らない商材です。九州の箱もの以前に活〆は冷やし込みを しっかりするので着状態が抜群に良いです。是非お試しあれ。夏場はやはりカンパチよりもショッコが 活躍!

KASAGO – Marbled Rockfish

This fish is characterized by its large mouth. Its bones that are packed with flavor, as well as the elegant white flesh with a great texture makes this fish perfect for stews.
大きな口が特徴的な魚です。上品な白身で程よい食感があります。 骨から良いうまみが出るので、煮つけがとてもおいしいです。


This fish’s pointy mouth is what makes it unique. It has a beautiful white flesh, and its bones are excellent for soup stock.
先のとがった口が特徴です。 身はきれいな白色をしています。骨から出汁が出るので、お吸い物などもおすすめです

KAIWARI – Whitefin Trevally

Because its shape resembles that of a half-shell (kai), it is called kaiwari. Its form is like that of horse mackerel. Enjoy this fatty fish as a sashimi, or soak it in vinegar (suijime).
形が貝を割った形に似ていることからカイワリという名前になりました。 身質はアジに似ています。脂の乗りが良く鮨、刺身に絶品です。

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