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Toyosu Fish MarketMarch 31, 2019

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TENNEM MADAI – Wild-Red Seabream

Caught all year around but this Spring season is its best quality. We have both farmed and wild varieties.

SAWARA – Spanish Mackerel

The word sawara means spring fish. Sawara is very fatty and delicious.

SAKURAMASU – Cherry Salmon

Stable quality ones are arriving from Nemuro, Hakodate, Aomori and other places. Its light pink colored flesh is very fatty.
北海道から直引きいたします。 脂が非常に乗っており、生食もおいしいですが、煮つけや、焼き物にすると脂の甘味がよ り感じられ、非常に美味です。


It is a fish that will officially announces the beginning of the Spring season. Any palate is stimulated by its texture its vibrant color decorates any dish. It is delicious for katsuo tataki.
春の訪れを知れせてくれる魚です。 身はさっぱりとしていて、色は濃く大変きれいです。ぜひたたきにして食べてみてください。

AINAME – Ikijime Greelling (Farm-Raised)

Because it is a farmed greeling, it is very fatty. Its white flesh is very good for sashimi, grilled, boiled dishes.
養殖のアイナメです。白身魚ですが、脂が多く美味。 刺身、焼き魚、煮魚に万能です。

CHIAYU – Young Sweetfish

Its season is starting soon. It can be eaten whole. Please try it as tempura.
これから本格的なシーズンに入ってきます。 骨も柔らかく丸ごと食べれますので丸ごと素揚げが絶品です。

SOGE – Wild Fluke (Small Size)

It is a young flounder about 35 cm in length. Its clear white flesh is perfect for sashimi and sushi.

SUZUKI – Wild Japanese Seaperch

Its season is starting. Although it is not yet its high season, good fatty ones are coming in.
これからシーズンに入っていきます。 まだハイシーズンではないですが、身の張ったいいもの入ってきてます。

KAMASU – Japanese Barracuda

The Japanese barracuda season is ending, but they are still holding on strong. They are good both raw and cooked.
カマスの最終時期になります。 まだ脂ものっており、生でも焼きでもおいしいです。

HAMO – Ikijime Pike Conger

Conger eel has started to come in. The season is starting later this month.
ハモが入荷始めました。 これからどんどん安定してきます。

MAKOKAREI – Ikijime Marbled Sole

This season is having a slow start. This fish will peak toward end of the month.

GEN SABA – Farm Raised Mackerel (Gen Brand)

The quality has increased and is very fatty. Fresh for sashimi.
品質も安定していて丸々太ってます。 生食に最高です。

TSURI AMADAI – Lined Amadai Tilefish

The more you chew, the more its sweetness comes out, and it is very exquisite. Grilling the skin adds an extra sweet scent. It can be used in various dishes.


The flesh open Cockle has started to stabilize. The meat is thick, and the texture is now at its best.

Mizu Tako Ashi – Octopus Legs

Big and thick octopus legs have excellent texture and taste.

BOILED HOTARUIKA – Boiled Firefly Squid

They are plump and juicy. In the case of the Toyama designation, please write “Toyama” in the order.

NAMA ROTARUIKA – Uncooked Firefly Squid

It is a newborn firefly squid. Just like the boiled variety, there is price fluctuation. Nama Rotaruika has recently started to be used in French and Italian dishes as well.
同じく新物生ホタルイカ21尾sizeです。ボイル同様この辺は値段の上下があるので 3月末にかけて値段も下がってきます。フレンチやイタリアンでも最近使われています。パ スタなどにも合うそうなので、ぜひお勧めください。

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