100% Farm-Raised Bluefin Tuna from Japan

100% farm-raised Bluefin tuna from Japan - completely cultured Bluefin tuna

This Bluefin Tuna is special. It's 3rd generation farm-raised tuna and 100% sustainability. If your customer concerning the ecology, it is ideal one for your restaurant.

100% farm-raised bluefin tuna
完全養殖鮪 farm raised bluefin tuna

100% Farm-raised

It's 100% farm-raised Bluefin tuna from Japan (Completely cultured Bluefin tuna).

100% Farm-raised bluefin tuna 

1. Taste and Freshness

We use no grain or artificial additives in our feed. Feeding only raw fish to our tuna insures the right amount of fat. After harvest, our tuna are chilled and processed in seawater ice for maximum freshness.

2. Stable Price / Stable Shipping

Farm raising tuna creates stable pricing. Our farm-raised tuna is harvested daily and shipping is reliable all year around.

3. Food Safety

Processing and packing are handled in HACCP approved facilities.

farm raised bluefin tuna

4. Sustainability - 3rd generation farm-raised tuna

"100% farm raised tuna" has no impact on wild bluefin tuna ecology. It's 100% environmentally friendly.

Sustainability - 3rd generation farm-raised tuna



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