Local Fresh Seafood

Nationwide network connection

At Ocean Providence Las Vegas, we have strong connections to a nationwide network of fresh seafood sources. The freshest seafood will be delivered to your business.



Salmon are imported from Canada and Scotland. Best quality fish are selected for your business.
We also have New Zealand salmon trout and king salmon.
Alaskan king salmon and sockeye salmon are available in season.

Salmon Farm-raised 

We will scale-off or fillet fish at your request.

salmon fillet 

Ocean Trout (Farm-raised)

Ocean Trout 

King Salmon

King Salmon


Fluke is shipped from our East Coast source.

Fluke - Hirame 

Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass

Spanish Mackerel

spanish mackerel





Uni - Sea Urchin

Best quality California uni is available. East cost uni is available in season. 

Uni -Sea Urchen

Gold Label Uni

#1 Gold Label Uni is available. It is the same top quality uni that is exported to the Japan market. The rich, savory taste of this uni is exquisitely balanced and sweet.

Uni -Sea Urchen




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