Japan Fish

Direct import from Japan

A variety of Japanese fresh fish are coming directly from Japan markets to Las Vegas. Our partners are working hard to find the highest quality fish available. If you have a special request for finding fish, we are the best place to order.

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Tore-Tore Series  Farm-Raised Fish from Japan

"Tore-Tore" = "Just Arrived"

From hatchery to final distribution, our fish go through a carefully controlled process; you can have the very best quality and maximum freshness year round. 


Madai- Sea Bream


          • Whole: 5 LB ~ 6 LB


Shima Aji- Striped Jack


          • Whole: 3 LB ~ 4 LB


Kanpachi- Amber Jack


          • Whole: 7 LB ~ 8 LB

          • Fillet: 4 LB ~ 6 LB


Hiramasa - Yellowtail Ambejack

Hiramasa - Yellowtail Ambejack


Aji- Horse Mackerel


          • Whole: 0.5 LB ~ 1 LB


"Omakase" fish box

What is "Omakase Fish Box"?

Our partner in Japan fish market will choose several different kind fishes for you.
They are seafood special for best fish selection from daily fish market.
They will go to market and see the fishes and choose best fish for you.