Hamachi - Yellowtail


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hamachi yellowtail buri fish
ハマチ 養殖


hamachi yellowtail buri 
鰤Dress: 9LB Size

hamachi yellowtail buri
鰤Fillet: 4LB Size


Example dish - "Omakase Sashimi Platter with SHIKI-BURI"


Shiki-Buri Concepts

      • Raised in 40-meter fish cage

Healthy, stress-free Buri


      • Vaccination:

To prevent sickness and minimize use of antibiotics


      • Optimum assorted feed:

Polyphenols + Super Vitamin E = Health, Preservation of color


      • Examined for radioactive material periodically from feed to final product.

Fully Integrated Production

From hatchery to final distribution, our fish go through a fully integrated quality control system.


SHIKI-BURI is introduced in Japanese newspaper article in Los Angeles

11/29/12: Nikkan-Sun is a Japanese free news paper in Los Angeles area. SHIKI-BURI is introduced on the Nikkan-Sun newspaper article. Read more...

SHIKI-BURI on newspaper article
12/22/12: Sports-J is a Japanese free newspaper in San Francisco area. SHIKI-BURI is introduced on the Sports-J newspaper article. Read more...

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