Dry Foods Products

Dry products for Japanese Style Restaurant

Our dry foods products are specialty for Japanese restaurant. .........



Nori - Dry Seaweed


Unagi, Teriyaki Sauce

Sushi Seasoning

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Japan Fresh Fish Guide










Kitchen Equipments

Japanese Knife

Japanese traditional knifes are available now. For more detail information, please ask our sales representatives.


Water Rolling Knife Sharpener

The Water Rolling Knife Sharpener is a unique unit in which knife sharpening can be a 0 hassle free process now. The secret is the rollers inside the unit which allows for both sides of the blade to be sharpened at once. The rollers inside sharpen the knife in an angle in which both sides are sharpened at the same time so there is no more sharpening both sides of the blade. Each rolling slot can sharpen different kind of blades. Cleaning is easy all you have to do is rinse the unit once when you are done!

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Kitchen Supply "Micro Oil Guard" is a new product. It helps for reducing tempra oild exchange cost.

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