Japanese Kitchen Knife

"Hakuryu-Kou" kitchen knife

1). What is “Hakuryu-Kou” stainless steel?
“Hakuryu-Kou” (KB440) stainless steel is a high-purity stainless steel used for knife blades. Mineral impurities – silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur - are removed to the maximum extent possible. Extremely sharp cutting edge lasts a long time. All models are single-blade (Kataba), so maintenance and sharpening are easy.

2). “Hamaguri” (clam shell) shape blade
Hamaguri shape blade has a thin, sharp cutting edge. It’s very sharp, and at the same time it’s very strong and durable.

3). Smooth blunt edge
The blunt edge has a smooth, curvy shape for the purpose of hand protection during the knife sharpening process.



The thick grip improves cutting performance.
210mm: $130
240mm: $150
270mm: $180

 Japanese Kitchen Knife Hakuryukou - Hiraba



One third of the tip and point is thin, making the process of removing the skin and cutting the fish easier.
240mm: $140
270mm: $170

Japanese Kitchen Knife Hakuryukou - Yo-Yanagiba



150mm: $120

Japanese Kitchen Knife Hakuryukou - Honesuki



180mm: $120

Japanese Kitchen Knife Hakuryukou - Santoku


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