MICRO Oil Guard


Kitchen Supply "Micro Oil Guard" is a new product which helps reduce tempura oil change cost.


1. Micro Oil Guard prolongs the life of frying oil

Micro Oil Guard prevents oxidation of frying oil and enables you to cut costs.
Less changing of oil can help the environment.
Straining after daily operations will help to maintain frying oil quality.

2. Fry color looks difference - no transfer the color of oil to foods

Oil Guard shortens cooking time and allows for frying at lower temperatures, as Oil Guard raises thermal conductivity of frying oil.

3. Healthy

Foods made with Oil Guard will not absorb as much oil, so the foods will not be greasy or soggy.
Oil guard allows for re-deep frying.
Food quality will be appreciated by not only regular customers, but also people who have weak digestion, calorie restrictions and sensitivity to oxidized oil.


        • STEP 1:  Spray Micro Oil Guard on frying oil before the start of business.
          • 2 times per gallons plus 1 to 2 times extra (example: 6 times for 10 gallons)
          • Don't forget to spray everyday
        • STEP 2: Oil temperature adjustment
          • Once you start using Micro Oil Guard, optimum oil temperature will be lower. If temperature is too high, oil quality deteriorates. Please fry within 320°F ~ 329°F temperature range.
        • STEP 3: Check the result
          • When using Micro Oil Guard, even though frying oil color becomes ginger colored, it will not affect foods.
          • Please check the resulting color of food. You can adjust the oil changing cycle.



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