Choshi Tsuri Kinme – Japanese alfonsino (wild)

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Tonegawa River, is one of Japan’s eminent large rivers. The offshores of the Choshi port, which is located at the estuary of the River is one of the world’s few harvest-yielding seas due to the convergence of the Kurile current (a cold current) with the Japanese current (a warm current) and the Tonegawa river. These waters see scores of small fish that eat the abundant plankton, and the alfonsino off of the Choshi port grow throughout the year into a well-marbled, high-quality fish due to the abounding nutrients. The high-quality brand appeal is seeing a sharp increase in recent years even in the Toyosu market. Each alfonsino is hand-caught by day fishermen using handlines. Of those fish that have been caught, skilled evaluators with years of experience select only those of the highest quality to distribute in the United States.

日本有数の豊かな大河である利根川。その河口に位置する銚子港の沖合は、寒流である親潮と暖流の黒潮と利根川が交わることによって世界的にも類を見ない豊穣の海になっています。 この海域には豊富なプランクトンを食べる小魚が数多く集まり、それら豊かな餌に恵まれて育つ銚子沖キンメダイは年間を通して上質な脂がのった最高品質に育ちます。