Fish in November – Toyosu Market

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Hirame - Fluke

Hirame – Fluke

Flounder before spawning season is filled with fat and is exquisite. It is suitable for sashimi thanks to its beautiful white, fatty flesh. Flounder head and milt is suitable for stewed dishes.



TENNEN BURI – Yellowtail (wild)
KAN-BURI - Yellowtail wild

KAN-BURI – Yellowtail wild

The cold saltwater has accumulated the fat inside the body. Creating perfect texture and sweet flesh. Sashimi, sushi, shabu-shabu, all are delectable.



MATSUKAWAKAREI – Barfin flounder
Matsukawagarei - Barfin Flounder

Matsukawagarei – Barfin Flounder

It is ikijime barfin flounder. Any part you taste will be delicious. The clear white flesh is a good décor for the plate.



AKOUDAI – Rockfish
Akoudai / Menuke - Red rockfish

Akoudai / Menuke – Red rockfish

The fat infused flesh melts inside your mouth releasing a sweet taste.
The skin is tasty and is suitable for grill and stew dishes.



SAMEGAWAKAREI – Roughscale sole
SAMEGAWAKAREI - Roughscale sole

SAMEGAWAKAREI – Roughscale sole

It is characterized by its rough and slimy skin.
Compared to the look, the taste is truly remarkable.
There is firm fat in the flesh, and it is sweet and savoring.



KAWAHAGI – Farmed Threadsail Filefish
Kawahagi - Filefish

Kawahagi – Filefish

Although it is a farmed, fat is well contained throughout.  The guts like liver can be used more many things. The more you bite, the more taste will seep out.



SURUME-IKA – Japanese common squid
Surume Ika - Pacific Flying Squid

Surume Ika – Pacific Flying Squid

Sweetness is a bit inferior to other squid, but the price is relatively cheap and stabilized. Liver is delicious and recommended for Shiokara style. Good for stewed, grill dish thanks to umami filled guts.




Bigfin reef squid
Aori Ika - Bigfin reef squid

Aori Ika – Bigfin reef squid

Aorika begins its arrival.
Although it is still small, the umami is very strong, Sweetness becomes stronger each time you chew.



SUMI-IKA – Cuttlefish
Sumi-Ika - Cuttlefish

Sumi-Ika – Cuttlefish

The reasonably grown cuttlefish is thick, and sweetness is very strong.
It has high nutritional value, good for health as well.




SAYORI – Japanese halfbeak
Sayori - Halfbeak

Sayori – Halfbeak

Sayori has started again. Although the arrival amount is still minimum, it will stabilize soon. The clear white flesh and the umami of a fish is addicting.



KANPACHI – Greater amberjack
KANPACHI - Amberjack

KANPACHI – Amberjack

Sayori has started again. Although the arrival amount is still minimum, it will stabilize soon. The clear white flesh and the umami of a fish is addicting.

Kanpachi Sashimi



MADARA – Pacific cod(Male)

Tara – Pacific Cod

Perfect white flesh for pot dish.
There is no habit which is good for anything. There is also Shirako currently, it is exquisite.




AKA-YAGARA – Smooth Flutemouth
Aka Yagara - Red Cornetfish

Aka Yagara – Red Cornetfish

The season of Yagara begins.
Eat is as sashimi and you will find the fatty umami infused flesh to be delectable. Use skin and bone for delicious broth in pot dishes.



ISIDAI – Barred knifejaw
ISHIDAI – Striped Beakfish

ISHIDAI – Striped Beakfish

This fish has a umami than can go head with sea bream.
The fat is rich from skin to flesh and has scent of sweetness umami.



KUE – Longtooth grouper
KUE(ARA) - Longtooth Grouper

KUE(ARA) – Longtooth Grouper

It is a typical fish for winter season.
It has a pale white flesh, so it is suitable for simmered or fried dishes. When heated, the skin becomes gelatinous and you can enjoy a unique texture from this fish.



KINKI – Kichiji rockfish
Kinki - Kichiji rock fish

Kinki – Kichiji rock fish

Vivid red color is a characteristic of this fish.
The fat is concentrated from skin to bone. Very recommended for stewed dishes.



KURODAI – Black porgy
KURODAI - Black porgy

KURODAI – Black porgy

It is firm white flesh fish, creating a great texture accent and is very delicious. Recommended as salt grilled as well.



WAKASAGI – Japanese fresh water smelt
Wakasagi - Smelt

Wakasagi – Smelt

The smelt season has started.
The bone is soft and is great for tempura which can be ate from head to tail.
骨が柔らかく、天ぷらにすると頭から食べられます。 ほくほくとして甘く非常においしいです。



SEIKOGANI – Queen crab
Seikogani / Zuwaigani - Snow Crab

Seikogani / Zuwaigani – Snow Crab

Female snow crab. Umami filled body. The eggs are fun to eat due to its texture like pupping a mini bubble rap inside your mouth.
Sold by pc. Ban is lifted from November. Only open for two-month period so order now.



Shirako - Cod Milt

Shirako – Cod Milt

Tara`s milt has started to appear in the market.
There is no after taste, and creamy which is just right for gunkan sushi and soups.