April Recommendation Fish – Tsukiji Market

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MADAI – Wild Red Seabream
Madai (Wild) ‐ Red sea bream

Madai (Wild) ‐ Red sea bream / Around 2kg / Kyushu sea shore

Caught all year around but this time around is at its best condition.



SAWARA – Spanish Mackerel
Sawara - Spanish mackerel

Sawara – Spanish mackerel / 3-4kg / Chiba/ Kanagawa

As the name suggests, Sawara means spring fish. During this time the flesh is very oily, making any dish best dish of the season!



SAKURA MASU – Cherry salmon
Sakura Masu - Masu Salmon

Sakura Masu – Cherry Salmon / 1.5-3kg / Hokkaido

Stable quality ones are arriving from Nemuro, Hakodate, Aomori and other places. The light pink color flesh has lot of oil and tasty!



First Bonito / Hatsu Katsuo
Katsuo - Bonito

Katsuo – Bonito / 3kg up / Wakayama

It is a fish that will let you know the arrival of spring. The meat is refreshing, the color is deep and very beautiful.  Please try “Katsuo-no-tataki” with this!



CHI-AYU – Young Sweetfish
Chi Ayu - Young Sweetfish

Chi Ayu – Young Sweetfish / 150g/TR

It is going into full season now.  Bones are soft and can be eaten whole, so whole fried is very exquisite to try.



AINAME – Ikijime Greenling


AINAME – Ikijime Greenling / 1kg up / Aomori

Although it is a farmed one, it has lot of oil in its white flesh. It is very good for sashimi, grilled, boiled dishes.




SOGI (HIRAME) – Wild Young Flounder
Hirame - Fluke

Hirame – Fluke / Under 1kg / Chiba

It is a small flounder about 35 cm in length. Pretty white flesh is perfect for sashimi and sushi.




SUZUKI – Wild Japanese Seaperch
Suzuki - Japanese sea bass

Suzuki – Japanese sea bass / Around 2kg / Hyogo

Will be entering the season at this time. Although it is not high season yet, but good ones are already coming in.





 IKI HAMO – “Ikijime” Pike Conger Eel
Hamo - Pike eel (Pike conger)

Hamo – Pike eel (Pike conger) / Around 500g / Hyougo

Hamo have started come in. It will be going to be steadier from now.




MAKO KAREI – Marbled Sole
Makogarei ‐ Marbled sole

Makogarei ‐ Marbled sole / Around 1kg / Tokyo Bay

It is still bit unstable for ordering, but please still try it.




“GEN” SABA – “Gen” Mackerel

Gen saba / Around 800g / Oita

The quality is now stable, and it is very fat now. It is the best for raw eating.




AMADAI – Japanese Tilefish
Amadai - Japanese Tilefish

Amadai – Japanese Tilefish / Around 1kg / Kanagawa

The more you chew the more sweetness comes out, and it is very exquisite. It fits various recipes.

噛めば噛むほど甘い味が出てきて絶品です。 いろんな調理法に合います。



KAMASU – Japanese Barracuda
Kamasu - Japanese barracuda

Kamasu – Japanese barracuda / 300gUp / Kanagawa

This time around will be the last time for kamasu. It still has some oil in the flesh. It is delicious both raw and grilled.




NAMA-HOTARUIKA – Raw Firefly Squid
Raw Firefly Squid / Nama-Hotaruika

Raw Firefly Squid / Nama-Hotaruika / 21pc-TR / Toyama

It is also a newborn firefly squid. Just like the boiled, it still has price fluctuation. Recently used in French and Italian dishes as well. It goes well with pasta dishes.




HOTARU-IKA – Boiled Firefly Squid
Hotaru Ika - Firefly Squid

Hotaru Ika – Firefly Squid / 300g/Tray / Toyama

The grain is getting bigger. However, because the price of items is still high, it is also possible to try it from Hyogo for a while. In the case of Toyama designation, please write “Toyama” within an order.




HIRAKI-TORIGAI / Boiled Cockle
Torigai Mukimi Fresh

Torigai Mukimi Fresh / 6pc or 9pc tray / Aichi

The price has started to stabilize. The body is thick, and the texture is now at the best.





MIZU TAKO ASHI / Raw Octopus Leg
Tako-Ashi - Octopus legs

Tako-Ashi – Octopus legs / 1kg up / Hokkaido

Big and thick octopus leg have a good texture and taste.