March Recommendation Fish – Tsukiji

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HIRAMASA – Amberjack Yellowtail 
Hiramasa - Yellowtail Amberjack

Hiramasa – Yellowtail Amberjack / Chiba

“Yellowtail big three” includes Buri(yellowtail), Kanpachi(amberjack), and Hiramasa(kingfish) in these three, Hiramasa has the least amount of fat, creating a clean taste. Hiramasa has a distinctive flavor, well tighten flesh, and has good umami making it perfect for sashimi.



HOKKE – Okhotsk atka mackerel
Hokke - Okhotsk atka mackerel

Hokke – Okhotsk atka mackerel / Hakodate, Hokkaido

Farmed Atka mackerel, we want you to teste the “ikijime” season fish. When order ahead of time, we can bring directly from source.



HOTARU-IKA Boiled – Boiled Fire fry squid
Hotaru Ika - Firefly Squid

Hotaru Ika – Firefly Squid / Toyama

Hotaruika in Toyama Bay will be lifted. The grain is getting bigger. However, because the price is currently high, I think it is possible to try it from Hyogo as well. In the case of Toyama designation, please comment “Toyama” with an order.


SAKURAMASU – Masu salmon
Sakura Masu - Masu Salmon

Sakura Masu – Masu Salmon / Hokkaido

Cherry salmon is now stable. Nemuro, Hakodate, Aomori and others brings excellent quality ones as well. Inside these is the Ita-masu, which has very high fat mass. If you do not mind the price, choose ita-masu for those who want to try the rich taste.

サクラマスが安定して入ってきます。根室、函館、青森など良質なものが入荷しています。その中でも、板マス 非常に体高のある肥満したタイプで非常に脂がのっています。価格はさらに高いですが、ご希望の方は板マスを指定してください。


MASUNOSUKE – King Salmon
Masunosuke - King salmon

Masunosuke – King salmon / Nemuro, Hokkaido

Brought in locally, times to time, then frozen. When timing is right, we take the inner and will send it fresh. The king of salmon.



HOUBOU – Sea robin
Houbou - Sea Robin

Houbou – Sea Robin / Chiba

We bring in ikejime searobin now. 1kg size bring lot of portion to eat. Please use as main till the beginning of Spring.



MENUKE – Red rockfish
Akoudai / Menuke - Red rockfish

Akoudai / Menuke – Red rockfish / Chiba

Line caught, season is starting now! Order in par with Ji-kinme.



MADAI – Red sea bream (Wild)
Madai - Red Sea Bream (Wild)

Madai – Red Sea Bream (Wild) / Kumamoto, other

Shipped via air! The flesh order tends to lose to its own milt and row but we will certainly send you the best for the low cost.



TORIGAI Mukimi Fresh – Japanese Cockle
Torigai Mukimi Fresh

Torigai Mukimi Fresh / Ehime

We will start bringing in the cockle. One tray comes with nine pieces.




SUMI-IKA – Cuttlefish
Sumi-Ika - Cuttlefish

Sumi-Ika – Cuttlefish / Chiba

The time for cuttlefish is here. The flesh is thick and sweet this season. The ink from the cuttlefish has anti-cancer effect, very good for ika-sumi pasta and other similar dishes.



JIKINME – Alfonsino
KINMEDAI - Alfonsino

KINMEDAI – Alfonsino / Katsuura, Chiba

At the moment the stock is poor and expensive now, they should be stabilizing soon.



RENKODAI – Yellowback sea bream
Kidai / Renkodai - Yellowback sea bream

Kidai / Renkodai – Yellowback sea bream / Suruga bay

The popular season of seabream are March to April. Although kasugo is popular, renkodai can be competitive for its soft delicious flesh. The Suruga Bay area ones has bright orange color.



ISHIDAI – Striped bakefish
Ishidai - Striped bakefish

Ishidai – Striped bakefish / Nanao bay, Ishikawa

Season most recommended white flesh fish. The fish with over 1kg is very fatty, has sweetness, making it popular menu for sushi. Good for both stew and grill, and the offals can be used for thin soup.


KATSUO – Skipjack
Katsuo - Bonito

Katsuo – Bonito

First ones will be brought in mid-March. Every spring time, the bonito comes to Japan with the kuroshio passing through the Philippine sea. The bonito caught this time is called `Hatsu katsuo`.



Aburabouzu - Skilfish

Aburabouzu – Skilfish / Nemuro, Hokkaido

A Skilfish fat contains a glyceride of unsaturated oleic acid which is close to vegetable oil of excellent quality. A Skilfish can be popular easily in America.



MEDAI – Blue nose
Medai - Blue Nose

Medai – Blue Nose

Tsushima lined of high season. Packed with fatty flesh it will melt in your mouth. Since the price is high please use it with a stabled price tag.