Gokujyo Goto Buri – Farm raised Yellowtail

Our fish farm has been challenging to extend the season for best-tasting yellowtail with high quality fat content. After much research, Hashiguchi Hamachi (yellowtail) cold season taste can now be enjoyed year-round.


Buri / Hamachi -Yellowtail fillet

Buri / Hamachi -Yellowtail fillet


Advantage of Gokujyo Goto Buri (shipping period from September to November)

  1. Higher fat content compared other companies’ farm raised yellowtail and 150% higher free form amino acid (umami substance) compared to wild yellowtail of same season.
  2. Less fishy smell.
  3. Less discoloration of the “chiai” parts.  Almost no discoloration of fillets even after 48 hours when kept at 33.8 °F to 41°F.
  4. Cost effectiveness: 4 kg size Gokujyo Goto Buri has the same level of fat content and free form amino acids compared to over 6 kg size winter season wild yellowtail.




極上五島ブリの特長 (出荷時期9月~11月)

  1. 脂質が背身で20%以上、同時期の天然ブリに比べて旨味成分の遊離アミノ酸が150%以上もあります。
  2. 魚臭が少なく、においがきつくありません。
  3. 血合いの変色が少なく、切り身状態で(1~5℃保存)48時間置いても身質の変色があまりみられません。
  4. 小ぶり(4㎏)でも、6kg以上の冬の天然ブリに勝る脂質と旨みがあり、仕入れに無駄がなくなります。


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