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SHIKI-BURI Series "SAKURA-BURI" has just released.

Four Seasons, the taste of fish throughout the year
We promise to deliver the best Buri in season

Tore-Tore Madai (Farm-Raised Sea Bream)

"Tore-Tore" = "Just Arrived". From hatchery to final distribution, our fish go through a carefully controlled process; you can have the very best quality and maximum freshness year round.

Spain Farm-Raised Bluefin Tuna

Strict compliance to established standards of food hygiene, with a risk analysis programe and critical control points, all with the corresponding certification.


From Japan - 100% farm-raised Bluefin Tuna

"100% farm raised tuna" has no impact on wild bluefin tuna ecology. It's 100% environmentally friendly.


North Carolina Seasonal Fish

Seasonal fishes are arriving in Las Vegas twice a week. If you and your customers are looking for something new, please contact our sales rep.


Frozen CO Tuna Loin from Panama

If you are looking for high quality frozen tuna at a reasonable price, our frozen CO tuna loin is the best product for your needs.




Tsukiji Market Recommendation Products - MAY

04/28/16:  Tsukiji Market Monthly Recommendation Product is ready to download. 



Japan Fish Guide - Spring

03/31/16:  Japan Fish Guide for Spring season is ready to download. 




Sakura Buri has been released

03/01/16:  Sakura Buri has been released. 



Black Sea Bass from NJ

01/31/15:  Black sea bass 3lbs up large size is available. 



January Sales Promotion

01/04/15: Sales Promotion Products(01/30/14) 






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